Cliff Dwellers

The Cliff Dwellers Home has a story as unique as its appearance.  During the prohibition times a family fled the east coast due to illness.  Their car broke down shortly after crossing the Colorado River.  After spending the night in this location the family fell in love with the plot of land and quickly purchased…
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Affiliate Marketing

Our Affiliate Marketing Program is out of this world!  Affiliate marketing involves using individuals outside of your organization, to promote your products and services.  Affiliates bring awareness and sales to your brand by marketing to their audience. When an affiliate brings a sale to your organization they are rewarded with a portion of the revenue.  …
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6 steps to a successful marketing campaign.

6 steps to a successful marketing campaign   1.Target Audience This is the most important step in a SUCCESSFUL marketing campaign.  Define who your target market is.  Are they people or organizations, what are their characteristics? The rest of the campaign will be built around this critical information.  Everything from ad design, language, method, time,…
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STOP!!!!! Take a BREATH! (5 to 10 seconds) . Remain calm, think clearly, act decisively.


As your business BFF, we stack the deck in your favor. . Creative knowledge, strategies, partnerships, negotiations, campaigns, experience, and skill sets that our team has, now become yours. . Many of our services are free of charge. We are a solutions driven, relationship based organization. . Sometimes in life, it’s not what you know,…
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Midway Ice Castles

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What is Lucky No 11 Lucky No 11 Is the personal brand of Justin Dean.  What’s the meaning behind Lucky No 11… Luck is a funny thing, the harder you work the luckier you get Number 11:  is a prime master number of extraordinarily high vibrational frequency. The traits associated with No 11 are  master…
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