Keep your Brand healthy with a Tune-Up!

Keep your Brand healthy with a Tune-Up!


Every 3-5k miles, you change your oil, check your fluids, brakes, belts, and bolts.  

Our lives depend on properly functioning automotive components to get us to our destination safe and sound.

Similarly, with normal wear and tear, our brands need a tune up too.  A brand audit is like an oil change for your car, or an annual check up at the doctor. 

We examine the health of your brand with an in-depth multipoint inspection.

Brand Identity

-Visual Elements

-Brand Strategy

-Brand Fundamentals





Digital Assets



-Social Media


By improving/aligning these elements, a brands perceived value (brand equity) increases. This allows for improved sales volume, premium pricing, and enhanced customer loyalty.  

If your brand isn’t at peak performance, bring it in for a tune up!  We’ll have it working like a well oiled machine!

Your trusted Brand Mechanics!

The Founders Trading Co.



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